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Audioquest HDMI 1 4,5m PVC (discontinued)

This product is currently not available.
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Die Leiter des Audioquest HDMI 1 haben eine Silberbeschichtung von 2,5% (doppelt soviel wie bei... more
Product information "Audioquest HDMI 1 4,5m PVC (discontinued)"

Die Leiter des Audioquest HDMI 1 haben eine Silberbeschichtung von 2,5% (doppelt soviel wie bei normaler Versilberung). Ein aufgeschäumter, extrem dichter Polyethylen-Mantel minimiert die durch die Isolierung verursachten Verluste und bewahrt die optimale geometrische Stabilität des Kabels. Zwei Mantelstromfilter schützen vor Interferenzproblemen.

  • Versilberte Leiter
  • Extrem dichter PVC-Mantel
  • Optimierte Flechtstruktur
  • Mantelstromfilter
  • Vergoldete Stecker

Previous video standards (composite, "S", component, RGB) transmit an analog signal. When two digital devices are connected with HDMI or DVI, the digital signal stays clearer and noise-free. Both the DVI-D and the more recent HDMI transmission standards come from the same "working group." Both systems transmit the same uncompressed digital video signal. The only two differences you must know: 1) The connectors are different. 2) HDMI inputs and outputs are capable of digital audio, DVI-D is video only. AudioQuest premium quality adaptors, from DVI-D to HDMI or from HDMI to DVI-D, allow either HDMI or DVI-D cable to be used with any equipment. Both HDMI and DVI-D cables can carry digital audio, but only HDMI equipment can send or receive digital audio. See images below. AudioQuest/CinemaQuest HDMI-1 uses large 2.5% silver conductors (twice the silver of normal silver-plate). Solid High-Density Polyethylene is used to minimize loss caused by insulation, and to insure critical geometry stability. Two RF Stoppers prevent interference problems.

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